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  • Are titanium alloy screws easy to break?


    First, to explain a common misunderstanding of the "strength of titanium alloy" understanding, titanium alloy is not a high strength material.Titanium alloy screws have high specific strength. The so-called "specific intensity" is "the ratio of intensity to density". Usually made of titanium alloy m Read More

  • The difference between titanium screws and traditional screws


    The difference between titanium screws and traditional screwsTitanium screw IntroductionName: Titanium screws, titanium bolts, titanium nuts, titanium screwsMaterial: Gr2, Gr5, etc.Specification: M0.8 ~ M30×LStandard: Gb standard German standard American standardThe working principle and c Read More

  • Fracture analysis of titanium bolts


    Titanium bolts may encounter breakage and sliding problems in the process of use. There are many reason for this, maybe because the use of the method is not correct, maybe because of the unreasonable bolt design structure, or twisting force is too large, material impurities and so on. Here is a Read More

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