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Why Titanium Hardware Can Be Used in Automotive?

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Titanium hardware is widely used in automobile, following are some main advantages:

1. Low density: titanium hardware not only can reduce the weight of the vehicle, for high-speed moving parts, but also can reduce the motion inertia.

2. High specific strength: Among various metal materials, the specific strength of titanium is almost the highest, and titanium parts can be used as a load-bearing part.

3. Small elastic modulus: only 50% of steel, and the fatigue strength is large, suitable for making springs.

4.  Good heat resistance: titanium hardware can work for a long time at 200~650 ° C, suitable for high temperature parts.

5. Small thermal expansion coefficient: titanium parts is 50% of stainless steel and aluminum, suitable for engine valves

6. Good corrosion resistance: titanium hardware and titanium parts are better than aluminum, magnesium and stainless steel,  they can resist the corrosion of atmosphere, rain, anti-freezing road moisture and high temperature waste gas containing hydrogen sulfide, suitable for the tail nozzle and other working environment is harsh parts;

7. Good frost resistance: in the environment of minus 100℃, it will not produce low temperature brittleness.

8. Good formability: titanium can be made in various shapes through stamping, hot forging, powder metallurgy, precision casting and other methods.

9. Good decoration: titanium hardware and titanium parts can make in vaious colors through anodizing and PVD coating.

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