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Titanium Serrated Hex Flange Nuts

Titanium Serrated Hex Flange Nuts
Titanium grade 5
  • BN148


  • B148

Titanium Serrated Hex Flange Nuts mainly in order to increase the friction resistance between the end face,  and to prevent loose, and also easier to dissiplate head.  It is more suitable for vibration, and the enviroment with frequent changes in head and cold.  However,  Serrated flange nut is more easy to damage the workpiece surface. So, it is not suitbale for the parts need prequest disassembly.

What are the benefits of titanium hex flange nuts?

Titanium bolts nuts have become extensively used across many industries over the last few years. This material is very active, flexible/high plasticity, and offers a fantastic combination of strength plus corrosion, oxidation, heat, and cold resistance; it is non-magnetic, non-toxic, and lightweight.


Wisdom titanium is a titanium fastener factory in China, founded in 2013. We produce and export all kinds of titanium fastener and customized CNC parts.


Material: titanium gr2 gr5 gr7

Size: m1.6-m48

Certification: ISO 9001

titanium 12 point flange nut

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