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Titanium Hose Clamp

Titanium hose clamp
Titanium grade 1
Corrosion resistance
  • BN275


  • B275


titanium hose clamp

Material  titanium grade 1
Bolts T bolts
Size 14-27   18-32  21-44 27-51  33-57  40-63  52-76  18-38  46-70  60-83  65-89  65-92  78-101  91-114   105-127   118-140   130-152    140-165   155-180  165-190
Feature corrosion resistance, light weight


Titanium and titanium alloy are a very stable metal, they are not only resistant to corrosion, but also resistant to high temperature and high pressure, so titanium hose clamp is very suitable for use in the hose band of the pump. In contrast, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel in seawater is much worse. Moreover, titanium and titanium alloys also have a big advantage, is that they are very lightweight, more than 30% lighter than stainless steel, so it is more convenient to use.


In addition, titanium hose clamps have many other applications, such as aircraft, ships, medical devices, etc. These areas have high requirements for materials, and titanium hose clamp just can meet these requirements.


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