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A list of these titanium bolts articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional titanium bolts, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Common polishing methods and working principles of titanium bolts

    In the process of diversification and high-grade development of industrial products, how to improve the quality of mold, which directly affects the quality of products, is an important task. In the process of titanium bolts mold manufacturing, the smooth processing and mirror processing after

  • How is the strength of titanium alloys?

    What is the strength of titanium alloys?Release time: 2023-06-11 Popularity: 5Titanium alloy hardness is not high, pure titanium hardness is HV280-300, alloy hardness is HV280-340, the strength and hardness of steel materials have a certain relationship, but titanium alloy hardness has nothing to do

  • Why titanium alloy bolts strength high but density low?

    Titanium alloy bolts have the characteristics of low density and high strength, and are generally applied in places where weight and strength are required, but titanium alloy screws do not belong to high-strength materials.The high strength of titanium alloy screws is relative to steel screws, and t

  • Fracture analysis of titanium bolts

    Titanium bolts may encounter breakage and sliding problems in the process of use. There are many reason for this, maybe because the use of the method is not correct, maybe because of the unreasonable bolt design structure, or twisting force is too large, material impurities and so on. Here is a

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