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Corrosion Resistance Titanium Parts for Petroleum Exploration

Product Name: Corrosion Resistance Titanium Parts for Petroleum Exploration
Product Type: Fasteners/customized cnc parts
Material: Titanium (GR2, GR5)
Surface Finish: Polished, Anodized, or Customized
Application: Petroleum Exploration Equipment
Certification: ISO9001
Package: Carton, Bag, or Customized
  • BN240

  • wisdom titanium

  • B240

Customized Corrosion Resistance Titanium Parts/bolts/screws/nuts for Petroleum Exploration

Wisdom titanium focus on titanium standard and non-standard fasteners, customized cnc titanium parts for Petroleum Exploration over 10 years. Most of Wisdom titanium parts are exported to Europe and North America and other developed regions. We have five axis/four axis CNC machining center, three axis machining center, three coordinate testing and other high precision machining equipment.

Features of  Titanium Parts:

1, small density, high specific strength: the density of titanium metal is 4.51g/cm3, aluminum is lower than steel, copper, nickel, but the specific strength is located in the metal.

2, corrosion resistance: Titanium is a very active metal, its equilibrium potential is very low, and the thermodynamic corrosion tendency is large in the medium. But in fact, titanium is very stable in many media, such as titanium in oxidizing, neutral and weak reducing media is corrosion resistant.

3, good heat resistance: the new titanium alloy can be used for a long time at 600℃ or higher temperature.

4, good low temperature resistance: titanium alloy TA7 (Ti-5Al-2.5Sn), TC4(Ti-6Al-4V) and Ti-2.5Zr-1.5Mo represented by low temperature titanium alloys, its strength increases with the decrease of temperature, but the plastic change is little. It maintains good ductility and toughness at low temperature of -196-253℃, avoids cold brittleness of metal, and is the ideal material for low temperature containers, storage boxes and other equipment.

5, strong damping performance: titanium metal by mechanical vibration, electrical vibration, compared with steel, copper metal, its own vibration attenuation time is long.

6, non-magnetic, titanium is a non-magnetic metal, will not be magnetized in a large magnetic field, and has a good compatibility with human tissue and blood, so it is used by the medical community.

7, the tensile strength and its yield strength is close to: this performance of titanium shows that its yield ratio (tensile strength/yield strength) is high, indicating that the metal titanium material is poor in plastic deformation when forming. Due to the large ratio between the yield limit and the elastic modulus of titanium, the springback ability of titanium during molding is large. Titanium screws are a chemically very active metal that can react with many elements and compounds at high temperatures. Titanium inhalation mainly refers to the reaction with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen at high temperatures.


Petroleum, metallurgy and chemicals, industrial, Marine, desalination, Marine engineering, construction industry, Medical equipment, Racing cars, motorcycles, bicycle, outdoor etc.

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