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Application of Titanium Parts on The Car

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Titanium parts are widely used in automobiles, mainly including: connecting rod, crankshaft, retaining ring, valve, intake valve, exhaust valve, brake pressure pipe seal ring, wheel screw, steering rack and pinion, spring, silencer, exhaust device, wheel bushings and bearings, all kinds of semi-shafts, titanium hardware, etc. The most prominent advantages of titanium parts and hardware for automotive products are: Reduce quality, extend service life, no rust, temperature resistance has been greatly improved. Wisdom Titanium produce all kinds titanium hardware for car wheels, engine bay, exhuast system, car body etc. At Wisdom Titanium, they are earnest about the optimum performance of a car. They are driven to give powerful, robust, and lightweight titanium hardware options to car industry daily and in each grade and type required.

titanium car parts