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About Customized Lug Bolts(Titanium)

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Lug Bolts, just as its name implies, is the fixed part which connected lug bolts with the wheel bracket. For a set of wheel hub of perfect shape, only have good appearance and performance is not enough. According to a lot of players to reflect, after changing the wheel, there is the wheels wobble and a slight metal sound, etc. A series of problems have appeared on the wheel hub screw, such as fixed caused instability, insufficient strength of plastic deformation, etc. It not only affect the beauty of the wheel hub details, what’s more, but also driving safety.

lug bolts nuts

As we all know, lug bolts nut is a very key parts and components in many events. Under the limit condition, a car's handling stability depends on this group of small screws in many certain factors, moreover in some high-profile events, they ensure rapid installation, meanwhile ensure the higher wheel strength by a single bolt design of fixed wheels.

hot forged titanium lug bolt

Of course, it is most of the time just for daily use, the original screw is enough. But if some problems arise, such as aging, the specification does not match the original screw, we need a higher intensity of screw to replace the original factory; If you want to make your car perfect, the little detail is the key to win. For different models, you can customize hot forged titanium lug bolt. For different sizes and designs, manual work is very good. Compared with CNC titanium lug bolt, Wisodm Ti hot forged titanium lug bolt is stronger and even reach the requirements of the competition. At the same time, titanium alloy wheel hub bolt and nut adopts PVD coating technology to make color various and the appearance cool, so it's deeply loved by many players!

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