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Only titanium grade 5(Ti6al4v) 
High strength, light weight, no rust
With material report
Use hot forging to reach high strength.
The strength of the root the bolt head will be enhanced after a secondary heating. Therefore it is not easy to break. And also wrench is not easy slipped.
High accuracy of geometric tolerance
The surface roughness of products in general
Indicates Ra 0.4
Rolled thread for better fatigue resistance and to avoid galling.
And also rolling threads are plastic deformation that does not break the structure, so it does not damage the strength of the material.
Surface finish
Use high grade PVD color, which is more bright than anodized color, and also keeps color forever, no fade.
Now, gold, black, blue, rainbow, purple, charcoal supplied.
Laser logo
Supply laser logo according to customer’s requests.
Words, pattern both can be lasered. And can be appears with various colors.

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