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  • What Is The Anti-damping Coefficient of Titanium Hardware And What Is The Use of It?
    People make same shape and same size bells with different material: titanium and other metal materials, such as cooper steel etc, and hit different bells with same force, we found that the clock made of titanium oscillation sound lasts a longer time, that is the energy given by knocking the bell is not easy to disappear, which shows that the damping performance of titanium is low.
  • Titanium hardware for UAV
    At present, the application of aerial photography UAV is more and more extensive, while the performance and quality requirements of aerial photography UAV are getting higher and higher, do you know the quality of aerial photography UAV is determined by what factors? In fact, the quality of raw mater
  • Tensile Strength, Yield Strength of M8 Titanium Wheel Bolts
    Wisdom Titanium material testing report for M8 titanium bolt High quality titanium grade 5(ti6al4v) Tensile strength: 1075Mpa Yeild strength: 984 Mpa Ensure your bolts quality from material
  • Weight of Titanium Bolts
    titanium bolt DIN912 ISO7380 DIN7991 DIN6921
  • Welcome to My Site!
    Wisdom Titanium is establishing itself as a faithful manufacturer and supplier of quality titanium fastener and accessories to racing industry. Titanium auto parts, motorcycle parts, bicycle parts are our main focus.