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Wisdom titanium specialized in produce and supply high quality titanium wheel lug bolt nut

We can offer bolts for Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Audi, Benz, Porsche and 3 piece wheels, etc..
Due to the strength and also safety consideration, we suggest all the parts are made by hot forging.
Lug bolt heads are Hot Forged ( learn more about our hot forged processing )for higher strength -vs – machined head
Rolled threads for greater fatigue resistance and avoiding galling –vs- cut threads
Color supplied: PVD black, rainbow, blue, golden, purple
Logo service: laser logo
We accept custom designed parts with sample or drawing

Hot forged work blank-semi-finished lug bolts & nuts

Hot forging offers many advantages to the over all quality of our titanium lug bolts.

Unliking the simple machining of the fastener heads, the forging process makes the grain structure of the material more uniform and compact, which strengthens tension,shear and fatigue resistance of the finished parts.

Finally finished lug bolts

Cases of wisdom titanium lug bolt nuts

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