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  • Hex Flange nut VS Hex nuts with serrated flange

    Generally speaking, there are two kinds of hex flange nuts: non-serrated flange and serrated flange. These two types have different effects for different applications. Serrated flange nut mainly in order to increase the friction resistance between the end face, and to prevent loose, and also easie

  • Wisdom titanium brake rotor bolts

    Using high quality brake rotor bolts is critical to ensure safe, dependable brake performance. Due to the high strength and light weight features of titanium grade 5 bolts, titanium bolt has become one of the most desired parts in motorcycle aftermarket. Wisdom titanium's hot forged titanium brake r

  • Different Type of Lug Screws

    Four types of the common titanium lug bolts.

  • How to Choose Suitable Lug Bolts for Your Car?

    Generally speaking, there are three key points to choose suitable lug bolts: I.the contact area of lug bolts; II.the parameters of lug bolts;III.The texture of lug bolts.The contact surface of lug bolts is divided into two kinds: sphere and cone.I. The contact surface of the original cars’ lug is mo

  • Download Wisdom Titanium Lug Bolts Catalog

    The properties and cost of titanium alloys make them the choice in high performance applications, such as racing car, luxury car etc. Following are some of hot forged titanium lug bolts in wisdom titanium for your reference:

  • About Customized Lug Bolts(Titanium)

    Lug Bolts, just as its name implies, is the fixed part which connected lug bolts with the wheel bracket. For a set of wheel hub of perfect shape, only have good appearance and performance is not enough.

  • How to Choose A Suitable Bike Frame?

    How to choose a suitable bike frame? choose a suitable bike frame according to your stature and your needs-Wisdom Titanium bike frame, titanium bicycle parts

  • Advantages of Titanium Bicycle Fame---Wisdom Titanium Bicycle Parts

    Advantages of titanium bicycle fame Titanium can make light weight and strong frame Titanium alloy can make light weight and high strength fame. Titanium is as strong as steel. However, its weight is just a half of the steel.So, same strength titanium alloy frame can be much ligher than steel frame.

  • What is PVD--Wisdom Titanium Bolts

    PVD is the abbreviation of Physical Vapor Deposition. It refers to under the vacuum condition, with low voltage, high current arc discharge technology, by using gas discharge to make target material evaporate and the materials that have vaporized and gas ionize, then

  • Why Hot Forged?

    Hot forged bolts can reach high strength

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